Thursday, July 27, 2006

I go to Heaven and..

presuming R.F.K is there ( Castro!!!) . I get a day out of eternity to talk to him .This is a man I want to understand . So have I got a list of questions ? I can't even begin to imagine being relaxed in his company . I guess ordering two large chocolate Ice-creams might start us off .I'd really want to hear in his own words if he was ever happy as a child and when . It is such an important time and makes the man. He never betrays his father or mother in writing yet they seem horrendous to me . I don't think it's possible to breach the huge class divide .I could never imagine being so rich or so unhappy at a private school .I had a pretty traumatised childhood but sometimes it sounds better than his. I don't think I am very good at understanding men on the whole so that is a factor. The obsession with sport I'd need to ask why . Which of his posts made him happiest and why.I think he was a brilliant A.G and even on Civil Rights he comes up trumps with me , a little cautious but I guess for the ultimate good. I even understand his sometimes un-professional behaviour on The Senate Rackets committee .A snearing , murdering thug being lippy with me would bring out anger and fury . I don't think I'd understand him much more but I really want to know he understands that I think he should go down in history as one of the most altruistic of politicians and there are so few.

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