Monday, July 31, 2006

Rowan's new collection..

As usual I look at the book and think "seen it all before" . I will probably buy it but use yarns I already have from sales as their yarn prices are laughably high .The quality isn't so good as a rule and "Country" looks as if it would tear it's so loose . The ones that are £7.95 a ball ..please don't make me cry. I see the half-mad tribal look is back ...hey Rowan can we have BIG pictures of the garments and forget the elfin wastrels or those crazy tribal folk?I want a good look at the garment . I'm not taken in by a look that some photographer , set designer spent good money on.Walking like a looney down a catwalk ..can we drop that too ?A nice elegant walk from a reasonably sized model ..what are the chances the fashion industry will try ?

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