Sunday, October 29, 2006

And so to bed..

Holly goes to bed happy in a kid mohair cardigan courtesy of T.K Maxx . Meanwhile Mum takes to bed her joyous bags of half-price "Tapestry" from her L.Y.S . I have no idea why they cut the price on a new yarn but I got a pack of Vintage and a blue mix . Heaven forbid I should follow a pattern these days so they will end up as part of shawls but I am happy. Holly wasn't interested in either in particular so they are all mine. They had "Roma" too but when I saw it was something like 88% viscose I wanted to laugh as these are promoted as the classsy end of Jaegar .Viscose goes hard and that is a fact .The only yarn that has a high percentage that stays soft is Colinette's Zanzibar or Shimmer 5. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Blogger refuses to let me blog so Holly and I have gone off to

Marianne said...

So, are you going to get this comment?
I didn't know that about viscose, goes hard? with washing and wear and time I'm guessing your meaning to be, huh.