Saturday, October 21, 2006

Terrible cover ,happy memories..

Great republican that I am I adored this book at 13.I read it over and over. I had a bet with Holly that I could remember the first page and it arrived this morning ( E:Bay) and I could .It is about Charles IInd's youngest sister , who he adored.The first part is her life with her exiled mother and the poverty and political struggles . Then The Restoration .Sadly she died at 26 some think poisoned by her husband The Duke of Orleans.It has good reviews by the T.L.S and H.E Bates amongst others ,I could not remember if the writing was good ,the research certainly was excellent. A little like I think The Queen should apologise to Ireland for the Potato Famine etc I think we the British people should remember Minette's mother with a memorial and apology for the treatment she received here. A park would be lovely .She was a human being and an extremely brave one . Bygones can be helped to be so by these gestures. I wonder how many other women ill-treated in history could be honoured . All poor women were ill-treated by not having equal rights etc .I think given a different education Henrietta herself would have been a champion of women's rights .She was lucky to be treated far better than most Queen consorts as she was loved and adored . Posted by Picasa


Marianne said...

I hate to say it...but poor women are still ill treated and not much in the way of equal rights when it comes down to it. But here in our country they treat the poor men only a pinch better....not by much. I love your idea of honouring Henrietta with a park. BTW, Thanks for stopping by, Sam is a tortie, she looks very much like a cat I snagged from a next door neighbor's, kitten of a feral cat, a bit tricky but I got her and gave her to my oldest son, who'd had his eye on her, he named her Freya and she was the very sweetest cat, together they romped through some happy childhood.

angie cox said...

Oh yes ,my goodness Marianne you are so right from the poor women of countries sewing garments for the West,those who can't get schooling,grow food covered in awful pesticides.I think my brains went a little aschew with the excitement ..give that gorgeous cat a kiss from me.