Saturday, October 07, 2006

Help support the Amish victims...

A lovely blogger has come up with the idea of knitting remembrance shawls for the families of the Amish victims of that terrible shooting. There are quite strict dress codes as I am sure you all know but the details are on her blog.The alternative is to give money to help with posting them .I think I will do that as I know I would find it un-bearable to knit at the moment.These people live in peace with no weapons.They hurt no-one yet this monstrous crime was visited upon them.In their generosity the group will include the shooter's wife as I am sure the community would want. So if you want to help in any way


Jo said...

Lovely idea. Thanks so much for posting that Angie, as I would have missed it otherwise. It is hard to believe such a cruel thing could happen to such a good people.
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angie cox said...

It is hard Jo ..what could any small girl have done to deserve it? But then I think of Beslan too and you really wonder about the depravity humans can sink to.