Thursday, October 05, 2006

I ask you is this evil?

Having read a blogger suggesting that "Plume" is evil ( don't get me wrong I disagree but am very fond of her).I ask you all to tell me is this "Boa" evil ,ugly and horrible ? I always feel so bad about knitting eyelash yarns that I knit them alongside another yarn.They feel cold and I have seen too many grinning ,preening little child models adopting stupid poses in patterns. But of late I am quite taken with Silky-chic and Firecracker drives me into ecstasies of ooohhhhing. I can't imagine ever suggesting wool ,alpaca, silk, etc are evil .Maybe it's the environmental thing and although I agree it's impossible not to go for shiny .At least I don't drive an S.U.V or I'd be in therapy. I got a huge parcel of half-price Plaid today ......can I find my Plaid pattern book ? I found every other pattern book .I must finish the Frizzante capelet which I have the most vivid purple Hana silk to make the neck band .I think George Bush is evil ,Osama Bin Laden is evil but Plume is just a bit wicked maybe ? Posted by Picasa


Charity said...

I'm glad to see you knit with what makes you happy! And a Plaid pattern book? Can't wait to see what you decide on! :0)

angie cox said...

Thank-you Charity.The Plaid was half price .I havn't found the book yet but another with the same weight yarn .It's lovely soft stuff and I bought a lavender/beige mix for hols and Turquoise/beige for me. I love bargains. I don't care if it's the latest yarn .