Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blogger drives another soul to Bedlam...

well nearly , luckily I was so busy reading Mark Steele's article in todays "Indie" that I only swore once and tore my clothes twice. It's all about the sort of parents who would change religion to get little Aubergine into the right school and are startled when forced to meet parents who have never been to Provence. Holly found three books by him so it's a trip to Waterstones again. For the non-English I really don't know if you realise the class system is still up and running and in fact is possibly getting worse.
The paramedic with a blog on Libby Purve's radio show this morning was brilliant too ,very funny.Sitting next to Rupert Everett who is as mad as a Yorkshire tea-cake I felt for him but Rupie was very sweet to him ...from a way other World though. One of Libby's best features is a mix of guests from all walks of life ...not exactly Melvyn Bragg who has caused severe brain damage on several occasions or bored me near to tears with some academic who loves their subject but is only one of two people who understand it the other being currently posting on their blog how terrible all us Clapotis knitters are being so "sheep-like" ..what a compliment !!!

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