Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dr Who ?

Not being a fan I can't say I know the actor who plays him .That said I just watched his episode of "Who do you Think You Are ".It was very moving and thought provoking.I had enjoyed Robert Linsay's greatly with only the usual sick feelings about the generations used as cannon-fodder or working in awful conditions. Today ( and I missed the start) his Scots ancestors were forcibly moved in clearances , bad enough. Then it turns out his Irish/Scots family were staunch Protestants and in fact one an orangeman.The only light was a Catholic relative who had struggled in the Civil Rights movement against sectarianism .I could feel his pain ,finding out I had a bigot of any faith in my family would hurt .But in that dreadful situation it was so very sad. I thank God for a childhood in which my best friend was a catholic another a muslim and another a Jew. Apart from Nazma's dad carrying his prayer mat sometimes, Basia's parents trying to persuade me I'd go to purgatory I never had to think about any of it.Mum would have let me bring a Martian home .We have had some rather nasty racist incidents as a young couple but none lately .Now I hear words like "crusade" on the radio this week and despair when I hear a young man say he wishes to have Sharia law in Britain .I know I want the freedom to be a Christian and I want him to have it to be a Muslim.If Muslims become the majority I still hope we will live under secular law that applies to all citizens.

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