Friday, September 01, 2006

More on badly made films and T.V ..

Holly and I just have the bit in our mouth and are off on this one. The most awful film we own for strange anachronisms is "Jackie ,Ethel and Joan" . After that period dramas like the original "Forsythe Saga" seem to be very bad at leaving out the era in which they are made i.e very sixties hair-styles. This was common but they seem to have a lot more research now. We are waiting for a copy of "Cromwell" to arrive ( which I have seen and hate Richard Harris's performance ) .It will be interesting to see how they deal with costumes .The only help they have are portraits which might be falsified in many ways. Then period furniture etc. If I remember Cromwell is too swashbuckling for my liking and if Prince Rupert was portrayed as he is in history books audiences would have been rolling in the aisles. Hopefully at least the decor will look authentic unlike that at Hickory Hill in J,E and J .There is obvious 1980's stencilling and rag-rolling everywhere. They seem to have Joan wearing late 1960s dresses in the early part of the decade.We are not experts but some things are so obvious. "Cromwell" being a high cost production will try harder I hope but it is ages since I have seen it. There was a series on Charles 11nd here recently which I avoided as it was nothing more than a sex crazed romp with an attractive actor . I hope there was more to the man and such nonsense is just plain boring. There was a pretty good series about Queen Victoria and her many links to other royals in my teenage years that was very good.

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