Friday, September 22, 2006

"Sublime" a division of Sirdar..

I found this yarn in "Jacksons" ( no 2 L.Y.S) today . I was rather pleased as the Rose one is 75% merino , 20%silk and 5% cashmere .No microfibre here which is probably viscose which goes hard .I think it was a good price too much cheaper than Rowan.Too many pastel colours but the rose is to make a shrug for Holly. The yardage on the Kid Mohair is about 125 mtres but it is only £4.25 . It's nice to see competion for Rowan who I think charge a fortune for yarns with very little quality in them R.Y.C range in particular. Posted by Picasa


Charity said...

I've always thought that with Rowan, you're often paying for the name :0)

angie cox said...

Yes Charity competion is a healthy thing and I think it's made in Italy so the workers should get fair pay and not be the ones who take the cost cut.