Sunday, September 10, 2006

A truly evil mother....cackle.

Having finished the Jean Plaidy on Henrietta Maria I came to the conclusion I usually do with the not so good but not so awful novels.You just need a certain amount of facts about a character which you then string together with a few words. Ms Plaidy's generation's morality seems to pervade the book , i.e woman gritted their teeth lay back and thought of France .A few bad births and we might all have I guess but I'm betting the nuptials were as enjoyable to the rich as they are now. The whole thing smells of Hollywood with those few couples who are life-long partners and the rest ..well put it about . Anyhow Holly could write this stuff so I have duct-taped her to the word-processor .Anyone think historical novels still sell? Having heard Antonia Fraser's on radio 4 I don't really think she is a much better writer. Note for Henrietta ..honey if you ever did think it was all your fault forget it ...The St. Bartholomew's Day massacre was on your parent's wedding day and those Puritans were looking for a fight .Hope you are dancing your "sin-filled" shoes off in Heaven.

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