Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The moths celebrate..

I bought another bag of Mill-ends from Colinette and had at least six new bits for my shawl in sea and sand colours .I got an "Enigma" that is possibly "Mardi-Gras"which Holly adored.The trouble is it is very difficult to knit unless you knit it alongside another yarn .I have learned to love "Silky-Chic" but as pretty as "Lasso" is can't because it catches on skin .So I shall investigate scarf patterns later and have to say it's a fabulous colour .I rather like the "Point-Five" in it as P/F takes the colour well .It's a little heavy but makes fab collars. I supose next weight down is "Skye" .One of the major E:Bay sellers of Colinette has gone and another only takes Pay-pal which I won't have so it's a little annoying.I must go to Whitby next year so I can browse in "Bobbins" .If I could choose a new colour-scheme for Colinette it would involve a petrol blue.I see Rown has pure wool D.K back but it look really boring after "Colinette" although I started my knitting life with the old version .It's expensive compared to the same by "Wendy" ,why pay £1.00 a ball more unless you must have a certain colour?

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