Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday in town..

I have to go into town at least once a week to do my M&S food shop which is then delivered. Anyhow that was a bit of a chore as the whole dept. has moved around so I forgot a co
uple of essentials.
I had a look at John Lewis's yarn dept but no sign yet of the Debbie Bliss Cashmere I wanted to feel. In fact it is SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO boring. What did surprise me is that I wanted both "Knitting" and "Simply Knitting" this month.One had a Colinette pattern I have wanted but is in "Lasso" .I will knit it in another D.K multi. In fact they were both interesting even from an ads. point of view. I bought Holly "Interiors" for drawing inspiration. She had parted to go to "Waterstones" . Jeff was with me so we looked around a few places we don't usually go .H.M.V had "Cromwell" but hadn't phoned me . Then on the way home we passed T.K.Maxx where I bought Holly two cardigans ,very fine and lacey and at £16.99 great value.If I could knit them I'd be proud as punch.
The deli. was next for some smelly goat's chees and matzos and Anton Berg's chocolate!
We love a film so popped "Cromwell" on ...oh dear ,oh dear ...what can I say it was full of mistakes/lies/stretched the truth . The shouting like a maniac was true .The Queen was a devious little horror who looked very unlike the dance loving , play loving woman she was. Dorothy Tutin was small enough but looked so like Geraldine McEwan that I kept expecting her to say "au resevoir" ( Mapp and Lucia fans will know that one). They seemed to lose a couple of years and if Sir Alec hadn't played the King fairly well it would have been truly awful . Some-one please make a decent film about this period. We also watched Simon Sharma on The Stuarts this week , not a love affair but he comes across as patronising , smug and pompous. As historians go give me Michael Woods and even Terry Jones.


Jo said...

Mmm, I buy both Knitting and Simply Knitting (when I can find them here) for the ads too - it keeps me in touch with how things are developing. And I kind of liked that Colinette shawl but then wasn't sure... You going to make it? Otherwise, I genuinely prefer the American magazines. They're more out front, in touch, creative, don't you find?

angie cox said...

Oh yes Jo ..sadly no-one local stocks either Vogue Knitting or Interweave so I sometimes order them .It's hard when you havn't flicked first because I end up with a stack that I probably won't make anything from. I finished the lace shawl last night's about 10ft long and is narrower at the end !!!!!!! So now I have an urge to make another shawl but this time a lozenge shape .