Sunday, September 03, 2006

Kaffe's Classics..

Had to make an emergency trip to town as our milkman didn't come yesterday and we have goat's milk. I found a new secondhand bookshop and got "Kaffe's Classics" for £2.00s .There are an awful lot of patterns I have but really big clear charts.Then to our horror we dicovered that half our Waterstones had been sold to a clothes shop so it's boarded up and what is there is such a squeeze.Holly got a fabulous book on 19th century costume and a Susan Hill she's wanted for ages. It used to be a lovely open airy space to browse now it's a "scuse me" cram.


Cherry Rolfe said...

Glad to hear of other Susan Hill fans! Her biog 'Family' is very moving!

angie cox said...

Cherry that book saved my sanity.I had wanted a baby so long and I lost my first.I love that and "The Magic Apple Tree" .