Friday, September 01, 2006

Odd Balls..

Nothing quite like an odd ball bin at the L.Y.S. I often find better things than in the sales. Yesterday I got four All Seasons balls in a mottled cream and purple ,one in purple and a purple lone Kid Classic . All at half price but when you realise what the full price was it seems a bit steep.
A really lovely knitter and blogger has been so kind to me I wanted to send her something special .I asked what she is short of and she said magenta so I dived into my stash last night . I was also searching for inspiration as I'd like to make a starry night shawl .
Then I notice some of the new Louisa Harding yarns are starting to come in and have to say there is a new Sari-ribbon that is just right .Also Thalia looks lovely .It is a shame the new boucle is such poor quality but it really is weak and tears so easily. I don't think it would be possible to wear a whole garment made from Sari-ribbon unless you enjoy suffering but it is the perfect trim .


Charity said...

Oh, I love digging through the bargain bin! Sounds like you had fun :0)

Jo said...

Angie are you needing mohair boucle? Got a gigantic cone in natural and another in mid blue which I'm going to skein off and sell on eBay but have always got a spare 200 gr or so for my friends (especially those who send me lucky bags...)


angie cox said...

I'd love some Jo ..and can always send something back .Let me know if you have your eye on anything cos the odd-ball bin has some good days and then days of famine.It's all to do with the Rowan rep who ( bless her ..even though she is a total snob) likes to fling out odds even though the shop staff are not so keen .I was chatting to one of the staff on Friday who gave me an account of the humiliation she'd tried to put another customer through .There are two of them now ,which explains ehy when I tried to buy a ball of Sirdar ( or five)another woman I didn't recognise was rude and snatched it in a huff. I was pretty amazed as I thought she was a John Lewis employee.