Sunday, September 03, 2006

So fabulous !

This is a 19th cen. Russian capelet .It is made by encasing the finest down in little nets ..just exquisite .I am seriously wondering if I could replicate such a thing . Posted by Picasa


Jo said...

Can you get a closer image? Or sketch (or get Holly to sketch!) exactly what and how.

angie cox said...

Sadly that is as much of a view as the book has.We think cotton nets would look like sanitary towels so I am wondering how to make felt balls all in one size ..or maybe gather circles of silk dupion and fill with down ..we'll get locked up one day !!Where do you wear it for starters ? Holly needs to be an actress ! She says wryly "yeh right Mum I'll fit right in a Jane Austen play" .But there are multi-ethnic players .She probably couldn't pass as Queen Victoria .