Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Translations on the net.

Yesterday I found a really excellent biography of Henrietta Maria on a German site that allows you to read nearly a whole book for free ! Anyhow I translated it and then spent an hour having Holly in fits . I would have thought German easy to translate but no...every time the word mother was used it was pre-fixed by "nut" .Henny was always "it" never her and King Charles was her "man" not her husband.The names were Jakob , Karl ,Henrich but she was still Henrietta . The best bit had to be when her nut/mother came to stay and they had trouble shifting her back off to France. I learnt more than I wanted to know about the difficult births she had ..a sideways baby in those days ....I got pains just thinking of it .It all got to sound like a blues number when she lost "her man" .
I also found out why Charles 1st is in the same tomb as Henry V111 and Jane Seymour.My sister had visited St. George's chapel last year and was disgusted presuming they had started bunking them up for space .It turns out his burial party put him there because Parliament had a hole dug in the floor for him .It went into more detail than I wanted when a Victorian had opened the coffin to check it was him....he'd been embalmed it appears so was fairly intact . I don't think any bio. will ever be as much fun again.


Cherry Rolfe said...

Did you see Christian Slater on TV this morning, talking about a new Bobby film??

angie cox said...

Hi Cherry..funnily enough we joined the Yahoo group set up to provide info about it.Holly is a fan of Martin Sheen and his son made it.It got very weird on that site and was full of conspiracy nuts .I do happen to think R.F.K's death was suspicious but these folks go overboard.It also seems to be about the people in the hotel rather than the man himself.Some Hollywood folks can be very self-indulgent and we seriously doubt the real subject will get the attention. Fans of various actors will get involved too and R.F.K's legacy will be forgotton.Thank-you for remembering me .angie.