Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sirdar's "Organza"

Couldn't help buying two balls of this yesterday even though I havn't a clue what I am going to do with it.Like "Sari-Ribbon" it wouldn't be soft to wear so I'll use it as a trim .We looked in "East yesterday and they had scarves for £35.00s that were a bit of sheer material with patterns that were just something" like Point-Five"machine sewn on in either stripes or flowers. Then we looked at the knitwear in "Per Una" ..the quality is terrible even the cheapest Turkish yarns would have more body. As mass production knits the yarn must be stretched to it's wash and it's probably a limp rag fit to clean with.In reality this yarn is a bit more teal .
Anything stripey reminds me of the French Revolution ( no cheeky I wasn't there) so I have to look at H.B's costume books for a Madame La Farge type item. Posted by Picasa


Charity said...

This yarn looks nice. I can't wait until you find some creative and wonderful way to use this stuff, then I'll allow myself to purchase some, too! :0)

Dawn said...

That would make a great bag I bet...though I must admit to having bags on the brain!!!!

angie cox said...

I'm still staring at it Dawn ..but I agree wearing it would be quite irritating .It's pretty wide too so there's no hurry unril I have a Eureka moment !!