Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fiber Trends Squirrels.

"Get Knitted" have the cutest little pattern for squirrels. Gill at "Woolly Workshop" has some gorgeous new Crystal Palce wool for felting ( if you want) with a really cute bag pattern .


Jo said...

I think we're both going to have to try felting, Angie. As usual I first thought, no way, then started thinking about it, and now I feel it might be fun. But how on earth do you work out how much bigger to make the original, or, put another way, how do you know how small it will get?

angie cox said...

I think that can be very hit and miss but it's okay with squirrels I guess but imagine the slippers you might end up with!!

Charity said...

I love the little animal patterns! My LYS had an adorable little hedgehog knitted up last time I was in, so sweet :0)