Sunday, September 17, 2006

"But my dear it's the very latest"

I finished my lacey shawl last night rather as expected it's about 30 stitches less at one end ( don't ask!). I think the asymmetrical look is the thing don't you? I was so chuffed with the fact that the colours and yarn were different every two rows I didn't care.I'm not a planner more a spontaneous nutter . I will post pictures soon ...honestly it is only P.G not X-rated.


Jo said...

Good for you, meeting the 'less stitches here at this end than over there' situation and dealing with it calmly and competently. I now either (a) ignore it or (b) if it's only halfway through the pattern, simply pick up a few loops here and there to even things up. Who the heck wants perfect machine-style garments? Let's see the pics, Angie!

angie cox said...

Ah but for a digital camera..but I will take oldie-fashioned ones later. I might even squeeze a few bits in the scanner ! I saw Amber used one of your yarns for a lovely shawl ..she obviously is a shawl fan too.