Sunday, September 03, 2006

Still waiting for Cromwell to arrive so..

As it is so long since I saw it I decided to look up reviews on the I.M.D.B .I was amazed at the intelligence as a lot of semi-nuts post on there.I guess it's a serious subject so attracted a different crowd. Some ( most in fact) were very humourous especially about Richard Harris's performance. Gob-smacked amazement that an Irishman would play the guy was common and shared by me .But it's the amount of shouting that got the most comments.All was going well a history teacher wondering why Prince Rupert was like Liberace for example when the nut turned up. This weirdo's whole comment was that the King often looked sleepy and quiet and a bit out of it was because the Queen was a nymphomaniac ( of course he didn't know the word so went into detail we could never know). Is therea porn version going around? Not with Sir Alec rolling around with Dorothy Tutin please .

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