Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Criticising yarn.

I don't really want to start doing much of this but ....I bought some of Louisa Harding's new "Liberty" and I have to say the quality is awful. I think it looks like a poor imitation of Noro's "Blossom" . As I like her yarns I have more hope for "Thalia" ribbon .Luckily I only bought a small amount to try. I don't like the colour range of Noro's new boucle , sadly. I have a lot more faith that the new Colinette yarns due in September will be good quality . I don't think so much of Rowan's R.Y.C but havn't yet seen the alpaca and hope it is as good as the "Artesano" which I love. A lot of new yarns are novelty which are fun but sometimes way over-priced. I like the look of Debbie Bliss's new tweeds and on the whole hers are very good quality. I just found some "Tagletelli" in Pharoah in my stash , last year I wasn't sure of the colours but it's perfect for autumn. That is a real classic along with Point-Five ,I love the way different yarns take the colour so Copperbeech in "Tao" is really delicate like faded roses.If I get over my shawl mania I have some felted tweed that Holly wants a fair-isle in .

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