Friday, August 25, 2006

Woopert of the Whine.

Cruel but we think of him as talking like Pilate in "Life of Brian" .His Uncle had a stutter so it seems to go although as a Germanic speaker I'm not sure how that would work. Anyhow I know when I've re-awakened a passion.I was reading Parliamentarian propaganda on the net and found a wonderful load of tosh about "Boy" Prince Rupert's dog. He was his familiar ( so they said) and could be invisable and thus spy on the Roundheads .What we want to know is how he communicated what he'd heard to his Dad . It doesn't help our weird sense of humour when History channels do mock ups in a foggy frame. The Queen seems to float in a mist and three men filmed from above walk the Oxford colleges looking "right girl's blouses " to quote Holly. No-one looks short enough to be The King unless the others are Charles and James thus teens as big as dad. Holly's favourite period is W.W 1. So her face at three guys with sashes, lace boot tops "like jam-covers" was a picture. We only touched The Civil War at home-school as she prefers modern history. She is now quite caught up in the period along with her Mum. I shall have to do a tour of Reading site's that were famous for their part in the war.The local church had it's top knocked off by Cromwell . It does seem odd to be talking in favour of the King's side an awful lot .I don't approve of monarchy but the poor man really believed it was his God-given role to be his people's protector I guess. I admire his stubborn determination not to bend and give his jurors the chance to be let off the enormity of the murder . In that way he saw his duty through with courage and that is admirable in anyone. I can see a lot of visits to museums coming on.

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