Thursday, August 03, 2006

Normal service will resume.

I leave you with this picture of him giving Freckles a cup of water on a very hot day campaigning in 1968..sob...who couldn't love the guy . Posted by PicasaAs soon as I find his son Maxwell's book of his father's favourite quotes.


Jo said...

I had a dog just like that back in 1968. She was a cowardly poltroon though, inclined towards every sort of sneaky ill-bred behaviour. Not a bit like the up-market Freckles, I imagine.

All the Way With Knitting said...

I think Freckie was good but Brumus R.F.K's Newfoundland was a notorious horror ! Robert Francis himself was known as a bit of a scrapper but most people say not at all stuck-up .Too much aware of prejudices still like not being able to join Boston's Polo Club know why Jo ..can you hear my teeth grinding!