Thursday, August 17, 2006

Home run section ..

Includes Crystal Palace "Bebop" in Roses which I love but think expensive for 100% nylon. There's quite a lot of Colinette's "Isis" in Monet which is soft but feels cold against the skin so a lot of mohair and kid-silk haze again. I'll take a photo when it's finished if my model co-operates . Posted by Picasa


Charity said...

This is coming along so beautifully! Can't wait to see a modeled shot!

Jo said...

So why not model it yourself? Why should Holly, undoubtedly gorgeous and dutiful daughter that she is, get all the great shawls? Drape it, wear it, love it!

(I love what you do with these colours and textures)

angie cox said...

Hey I cast off today and cast on an autumn version! It is for me but you wouldn't want to see me in a photo honest .All the Slav blood I have rose to the surface along with middle-aged spread and an inability to ever have more than five minutes without a hot flush ! I will post a picture and you'll see !!!!