Thursday, August 24, 2006

Henrietta Maria Stuart ( spouse of Charles 1st)

An odd heroine for a Socialist/Quaker/Republican but there you go. I am in the happy position of living in a multi-faith society with a democracy not a Monarch who believes they have any divine rights ( at least I hope not) . I was fascinated by her as a teenager , read biographies and admired her greatly .I still do but have forgotton so much in passing years.I'll say she was one sassy gal to say the very least .I'm not one for visiting graves of famous people but if I'm in France sometime maybe I could ..except her heart is in one place and the rest of her elsewhere.If in Washington I'd head for Arlington .I can't get her out of my head so will have to search Mum's books to see if I left any bios. there or go to the library.She is annoying though as I am now used to footage and newspaper articles etc and to making up my own mind.


Jo said...

She was a courageous lassie, Henrietta Maria, and it can't have been very easy to do exactly as you were told to, marriage-wise, etc. But she never lost her individuality - good for her.

angie cox said...

Yes I love the story of the time she was dancing and listening to French music in her part of the palace when the King drags her off locks her in his room and chucks out her friends. She is trying to tear open the windows to shout "au revoir" .As they were both tiny it must have been very amusing but sober and all that he was he came to love her deeply.I guess he just could not have fun and she taught him how. Holly does a wonderful impression of her in her carriage being called "a papist W**** " by the peasants and her shouting abuse back .It includes lots of stuff about miserable so and sos .