Sunday, August 13, 2006

Frogs and spiders.

There I was happily watching "Heroines of Comedy" as I un-picked a sweater Holly declared "The most ghastly thing on the planet" when out popped the most enormous spider . I screamed dropped my knit and jumped up on the highest surface. Jeff came to the rescue. I think my stash is going to have a large input soon as a 16 yr old won't wear what a 14 year old would. I am not the same size as Holly and also over-heat easily , she is cold most of the time. I made her thick sweaters in Colinette's chunkiest yarns . We negotiated on what she will wear but it was as time-consuming and nearly as big a waste of time as The U.N. Seeing Phyllis Diller again made my day though ..I adored that crazy woman as a child.

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Cherry Rolfe said...

Another Phyllis Diller fan - Hurrah!!!!