Friday, August 25, 2006

A member of The New Model Army alive and well..

As I am on the subject... Meeting there is a woman who pops up to remind us how wonderful it is that many of the most extreme members settled in Reading ( oh joy of joys) .These guys were The Taliban of the day , people were hiding Christmas puddings and looking depressed.As Jo points out mid-winter was adopted by The Christians but as an excuse that wouldn't cut the ice. She is somewhat odd and wears dark glasses as she swears she has porfiria which is well weird as Charles 1st had it and she is a staunch supporter of the other side. We are all dying to tell her the war is over but not sure she'd cope. She lives the time and will stand up and rant on and off ( I wonder if she's a relative of Ian Paisley come to think of it) . She comes to the carol service that is an added extra as Quakers were not noted for singing. Then she'll tell us about the most looney members with great delight . I've never seen her house but wonder if walking in I'd step back in time.

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