Monday, August 28, 2006

High up knobs and low ones too...

A phrase used by working class folk here is "High up knobs" to describe the upper classes. Anyhow it's going slowly at the knob's Palaces to say the least.I think archaeologist's must need the patience of a saint. I'd want a little more than a lot of old foundations.I did manage some rather more exciting knobs and bobbles on my freeform shawl to represent berries .I also did a patch of fair-isle acorns .In fact it is about half-way and that is good because I am itching to start another in a colour combo. I hardly use but Colinette's mixed mill bags almost chose for me ,browns and navy . I am not sure about a theme but a few large bobbles as pebbles maybe?
I found a historical novel on E:Bay about Henny as she is now called at home .It might be rubbish but then again I remember reading every historical novel set during The Civil War as a teenager and some had a lot of research . I remember a favourite being called "Minette" and being about H.M and C1st's last daughter .I shall have to surf some secondhand bookshops. I also had a rather good bio. of Cromwell which stays in my memory as it was in my bag when I was mugged. I well remember the Policeman asking me the contents of my bag .I never carry a small one so it goes like this ,a biography of Cromwell ,a bottle of "Jicky" , a rapidograph ( drawing pen) , a skirt , a purse, a pencil case and some embroidery threads .He was hoping for a make-up bag and a purse no doubt ! Anyhow apart from shock ,injury and an inability to bear being in the dark alone I have got the rest back but it was in 1973 .I can't find the bio. I have never given away a single Kennedy book ,thank-goodness because I'd hate to have to start that collection off again .

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Charity said...

I didn't realize you were free forming! I've always been fascinated by the process, although a bit afraid of it, too :0) I guess there's too much of the rule-follower in me.