Thursday, August 10, 2006

Old Relics..

The other day watching the senate commitee, E.M.K stood up and flashed that Kennedy smile half way between Robert and John. It was weird as hell for me as if I am so old I can see history. I suppose those of us who grew up with so much film and media see visuals others never did. Holly loves the U.K.T.V History channel and was watching a program about Charles II. An inn keeper is reported to have recognized him and fallen at his feet. We wondered how a humble inn keeper from the south coast knew him, I guess he might have served in the king's army and seen the young prince.
I believe he was rather tall and had dark French colouring but even so it seems amazing. I think its a shame she can't see footage of the times that interest her. We are not so keen on recreations of the type they do in documentaries. Holly did tease me mercilessly that the Palin family (Michaels) were royalists who hid Charles II. I forgive them considering what the commonwealth was like in terms of fun and frolics. I was reading about William Penn yesterday and I was mystified that he was a friend of James II... Weird huh ? I shall have to investigate. Holly said " Are you kidding Mum they were all bonkers!" She meant early Quakers .....and some not so early. Even when she was six years old she would pull faces at meeting that clearly said "Nuts!"

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