Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hoping to finish autumn shawl today.

Then I must think about Christmas gifts I can knit and start my beach shawl. I am hoping to incorporate some pebble sized bobbles and have to think about texture. If you are reading this Jo , I have "Celtic Knits" and the sweater you were talking about is truly exquisite. I prefer to do her fair-isles because cables are almost impossible for me ..very cack-handed .


Charity said...

Christmas knitting is starting to pick up everywhere! I know I'm trying to really discipline myself to do all that first, and then I can do some "fun" knitting for myself :0)

angie cox said...

Dept.stores are setting out Christmas areas too which I think is ridiculous.I also hate how Hot-Cross buns are sold all year .I am sure Canadians know what they are but for anyone who doesn't it's a fruit bun with a cross on and should only be eaten on Good Friday.