Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On the home run..

My shawl is now on the home run I hope and then I shall start an autumn inspired one .Not sure if I should include berries as I don't want to get too twee. I might then just go for a Christmas fair-isle jacket .Another trip to town yesterday just confirmed the appalling clothes everyone seems to wear.We had to put on "Wings of a Dove" to cleanse our eyes .Mounds of fat poured over too small ,too low jeans is not a pretty sight and as for colour forget it.I finally spent the gift vouchers for "East" I had for my birthday on a red silk gathered skirt for Holly and a bargello-like scarf for me. There was hardly any colour out there and no vocabularies at all. We find the locals are actually hard to understand because they speak in "Neanderthal grunts" .My sister had left four skeins of Colinette mohair for me at my mother's house .My favourite was in earth colourway so I added some to my shawl when we got home. Then watched "Desperate Housewives" which still surprises me ..I laugh an awful lot.


Jo said...

And a belated very very happy birthday, Yarn-girl! When was it? I know exactly what you mean about dress sense and colour - the warm weather brings out the worst in people,admittedly, but I don't hold out much hope for the winter either. Bring back Audrey Hepburn and elegant outfits!

angie cox said...

It was way back in June ..but I just couldn't find anything I liked on me. Whereas Holly is neat and tidy and pretty .I look like a dishevelled cross between Shirley Williams,Madelaine Albright and a haystack!